Caterpillar Defence Industries presented with Homewrecker of the Year AwardBIG Campaign
May 22nd, 2004

Thursday May 13th 2004 8.30am
Caterpillar Financial Services (UK) Ltd 2405 Stratford Road, Hockley Heath, Sulihall, West Midlands B94 6NW

Activists from Caterpillar Out of Palestine give Caterpillar Financial Service's General Director the first ever "Homewrecker of the Year Award". Caterpillar has demonstrated an unfailing commitment to the demolition of Palestinian lives, homes, land and possibilities for co-existence and co-operation with neighbouring Israelis. Its track record reveals a steadfast role in facilitating Israel's enduring illegal and brutal occupation of Palestine and its continual violation of human rights and international law.

X Caterpillar D9 bulldozers have been supplied to Israel since the beginning of the current intifada (uprising for national liberation).

X Caterpillar D9 bulldozers have crushed and killed Palestinians in their homes.

X A Caterpillar D9 bulldozer drove straight over American Peace activist Rachel Corrie ending her young life.

X Caterpillar D9 bulldozers have helped destroy over 835 homes in Gaza and the West Bank since 2001, and levelled an entire neighbourhood in the Jenin refugee camp massacre of 2002 during four days of constant bulldozing.

X Caterpillar bulldozers are constructing the apartheid wall inside the Green line, aiding the theft of a further 60% of the West Bank' fertile land, containing urgently needed underwater aquifiers.

X Caterpillar is key in bulldozing hopes held by both Palestinians and Israelis for a solution to the bloodshed in the war-ravaged land.

The award is an artist's impression of the weekly work of Caterpillar in Palestine of a home, bloodstained and trashed into rubble and a twisted broken olive tree.

The awarding follows on from a successful Rachel Corrie memorial action at the company's military industrial plant in March where activists discussed corporate responsibility, human rights and the ethics of being complicit in war crimes with workers and managed to shut down production for most of the day.


Most of the activists involved in this protest have lived in occupied Palestine and witnessed first hand the brutality and tragedy of the Occupation. They have also worked with Israeli peace groups in the struggle for justice, reconciliation and co-existence.


Caterpillar Out of Palestine Tel.; 07749 421 576. e-mail;

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Above the top photo is a link to the leaflet we produced calling on Caterillar employees to pressurize their bosses to dis-invest from Israel and abide by the company's ethical 'integrity' standards. - we offer Caterkillar employees breakfast! and a chance to talk about the ethics of aiding and abetting and providing material support for ethnic cleansing, collective punishment and an illegal and brutal occupation

Other Information

Caterpillar profts from;

- the sale of bulldozers to Israel directly assisting in the razing of some 9000 Palestinian homes since 1967. Since fighting began four years ago, some 16,000 people have been made homeless in Rafah, many of them during a large-scale army incursion in May

- profits from Israel`s construction of a 25 foot high wall that will confiscate about 40% of the West Bank in direct contravention to the ICJ ruling that it is illegal and should be pulled down. The wall separates Palestinians from their farmlands and cuts some villages off from the rest of the West Bank, rendering as many as 100,000 people completely isolated.

To ring and complain; 01564 786 400.

Points you could make

* Caterpillar provide equipment such as specially-adapted D9 bulldozers to Israel's armed forces. These machines are used to demolish Palestinian homes, shops, olive groves and orchards.

* People have been killed in these operations, such as Rachel Corrie, an American peaceworker.

* Caterpillar equipment plays an important role in preparation for Israsel's apartheid wall. The wall has been judged illegal by the International Court of Justice. Caterpillar could be held responsible in law for its assistance in this illegal operation.

* What response has Caterpillar 's CEO made to the letter to him from Philip Ziegler, UN Special Rapporteur, pointing this out?

Recently the Israeli Army ordered another 100 specially built bull dozers.

Jean Ziegler of the United Nations has warned Caterpillar that, under a resolution of UN Human Rights Commission, it could be considered an accomplice in the violation of basic human rights of the Palestinians, Human Rights Watch also singled out Caterpillar for criticism in its recent report into the destruction in the Gaza Strip.

They are selling CAT boots with blood on them.

Shops selling Caterpillar goods

SCHUH shops are to be found in over 50 high Street shops in towns and cities across the UK. They sell fashion shoes for the younger generation