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Five Free Tools To Make Your Essay Writing Easier

If you don’t intend to hire a pro essay writing service, you’ll have to craft and edit your paper on your own. To make sure your academic work won’t contain any obvious errors, you can use free online tools when proofreading and editing it.

A List of Tools to Edit Your Essay for Free

  • Ginger. This is a tool that integrates with your web browser and checks everything you write for various errors. The tool can check not only your academic papers but also your posts in social networks, for example.
  • After the Deadline. According to essay writing service reviews, this is a great online editor that can detect errors related to grammar, spelling, and style in your papers. It even has the function of contextual spell checking that will make you less likely to use words in the wrong context.
  • SlickWrite. This tool also allows you to check your papers for various mistakes and errors. Moreover, it provides you with an opportunity to set the type of mistakes to check your text for. For instance, you can check your essay only for grammar errors first. Then, you can do a round of finding spelling mistakes, and so on.
  • Webspellchecker. Using this tool, you can write your paper online and get your mistakes corrected in the process. If you don’t want your original text to be corrected immediately, the tool can show your mistakes to you in a separate window.
  • 1Checker. This is an excellent editing tool that can be used online. Also, you can download it as a plugin for popular word processing software. If you do this, you’ll be able to check your texts with it offline too.

Seeking a Decent Essay Writer Service UK

If you don’t have the time to write and edit an academic paper by yourself, you should think about hiring https://usessaywriters.com/ writing agency to provide you with a custom essay. However, you should make deals only with professional agencies like this one. It’ll be useful for you to learn how to tell them from mere impostors:

  1. Look at the websites. The website of a competent agency should look good and be easy to operate. On it, you should be able to find information about the essay writing service price and other relevant data for customers.
  2. Contact the support. Client support of a qualified organization should be maintained perfectly. The support members should quickly respond to all the messages of potential clients and provide them only with clear answers.
  3. Check the background of writers. The employees of a reliable economic essay writing service should all be educated experts. If an agency refuses to give you the evidence of its writers’ professionalism, they’re likely to be amateurs.
  4. Learn about guarantees for customers. A trustworthy company should have a set of assurances for its clients. Agencies that offer no guarantees might turn out to consist of scammers.

You can use all the tools listed above for free. This should make the process of editing your essay much faster and allow you to detect more mistakes than if you checked it just by yourself.

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